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by Amy Seymour (Provisional Psychologist)

For the past few months, our lives have been quite different. Many of us have not been able to see our family or friends, have not been able to go to school, and many of our favourite activities like soccer or swimming lessons have been cancelled. This was because of COVID-19 which makes people very sick. Now that we have all stayed home and done the right thing, we can start to get back to the things we have missed out on.

In just a few weeks’ time, our lives might start to feel ‘normal’ again. This does not mean things will be the same as they were before lockdown, we will still need to keep our distance, wash and sanitise our hands and sometimes still wear a mask. It does mean we will be going back to school, seeing our family and friends, and doing things that we had not been able to do for a long time.

This can make us have some pretty big feelings like nervous, scared, angry or sad. It’s okay to have these emotions, many of your friends and family might be feeling this way too. It is important to know that if you have some big feelings about going back to school, or even going out to the shops, birthday parties, or movies, you can do some of the following which might make you feel a little better:

• Talking about it with friends or family. If it is too hard to talk to family or friends, asking a parent or caregiver about giving us a call at Solutions in Mind Psychology to see if one our friendly psychologists can help.

• Take some slow, deep breaths. Asking an adult to help guide you with this can be helpful.

• Be creative! Write, draw, colour, dance or sing about your feelings.

• Exercising your body, also exercises your mind. This can help us sleep better and releases chemicals in our brain to make us feel better.

• Speak to your teacher or school counsellor at school about what you’re feeling.

Remember, a lot of people are having some big feelings about returning to ‘normal’. If you need some extra help in controlling your big feelings, our friendly team of experienced psychologists can help you! Give us a call today, our phone number is 4722 9097.