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Solutions In Mind currently provide a number of group based interventions inclusive but not limited to the following:

Westmead Feelings Program

An evidenced based emotions and social skills program designed for children with ASD. Designed to increase emotional awareness, knowledge of emotions in self and others, skill development in perspective taking, problem solving and empathy, increased capacity to regulate emotions, increased parental capacity and confidence in managing emotions and generalisation of skills across environments.

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A parent assisted program for motivated adolescents whom are keen to learn ways to make and keep friends and develop meaningful social connections. The program is an evidenced based social skills training program for teens with an autism spectrum disorder or other social deficits.

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Cool Kids Programs

A range of evidenced based programs for children with heightened anxiety with or without an autism spectrum disorder to support their understanding and management of their anxiety and behaviour. Children will learn a range of techniques including relaxation, cognitive restructuring, gradual exposure, distraction techniques, and assertiveness skills to manage their anxiety more appropriately.

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Social Skills

Evidenced based social skills groups for primary school and high school aged children are offered on a term-by-term basis to support social skills development and friendship development.

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Lil Yogi’s

An evidenced based movement and mindfulness yoga program for children and adolescents to learn a range of techniques to manage their everyday worries and anxiety.

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Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program

A parenting program specifically designed for parents of children with special needs. The program is designed to increase parental confidence and competence in managing your child with special needs behavioural difficulties.

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Transition to High School

A program to assist children with special needs successfully transition to high school and manage the social challenges and anxieties that arise.

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